Vertical: Verifiable Credentials Management (VCM)

Product: Enterprise-class, universal system for Verifiable Credentials Management (VCM)


  • “CRM for credentials”
  • A scalable, enterprise-grade system for credential issuers to manage all aspects of bulk Verifiable Credentials management: issuers/employees, policy, holders/customers, data staging, communication, issuance, verification, revocation, issued credentials, reporting, auditing, automated workflows, more
  • Agnostic to ledger or VC Processor for cryptographic operations and wallets (can use Trinsic, Evernym, esatus SELF, uPort, etc.)
  • Great for managing VCs for digital identity, achievements, entitlements, authority, tickets, receipts, communication and more for up to millions of people, organizations, or things

For Investors

Verifiable Credentials are foundational to the SSI breakthrough in digital trust. Credential Master is the first universal, enterprise-class Verifiable Credential Manager (VCM), a category we believe will become big as organizations realize the need to issue, hold, and verify Verifiable Credentials. 

Prototype built & nearly production ready. Customer conversations have been enthusiastic. Important partnerships taking shape. Raising seed funding now.

Startup: (in stealth mode)

Vertical: Payments

Product: Open protocol and managed service that uses SSI and verifiable credentials to secure, authenticate, and ensure the accuracy of any type of value transfer, with a private, tamper-proof history


  • Developing Open Counterparty Trust Protocol (OCTP) and a managed service to ensure the right amount of the right asset is transferred by the right people to the right place with the right terms, with full compliance and auditability for all parties
  • Currency agnostic, rails agnostic (FedWire, SWIFT, ACH, Ripple, bitcoin, TCH, FedNow, any RTGS, etc)
  • Zero Trust Security, continuous bi-directional multi-factor authentication

For Investors

Innovative solution for addressing Authorized Push Payment (APP) fraud, a multi-billion-dollar global problem. Solves critical authentication and accuracy problems for any form of large value transfers, whether fiat, cryptocurrency, or security. 

All-star development team. Excellent timing/blue ocean. Early conversations with customers are positive. Not yet ready for funding.

How DTV Works With Portfolio Companies

Once we mutually agree to terms, we become part of the team. We aren’t employees or outside advisors, we are something in-between, working closely to ensure a viable business model, product and go-to-market strategy, proper technical SSI architecture, and appeal to SSI-focused investors. Then, when needed, we help recruit the executive team and assist in preparing and executing an optimal fundraising plan.

We don’t write the checkyetbut we know many investors, including those keen on SSI and eager to see real, investable business models emerge at SSI’s application layer.

We strictly adhere to Lean Startup principles, especially as found in Running Lean, to ensure strong, customer-endorsed problem-solution fit before securing and allocating resources.

Many in SSI can’t tell the difference between a use case and a business model; our companies don’t make that mistake.

Other Areas of Interest

  • Zero Trust Security
  • Verifiable documents
  • Enterprise key management
  • E-voting
  • Healthcare
  • Financial inclusion
  • Trade finance & supply chain
  • Online gaming

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